Why Aussies Love Motorhomes So Much

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Motorhomes are a big hit with Aussies because Australia is the perfect country to explore on wheels. With a beautiful, ever-changing landscape, a rich Indigenous history and unique wildlife that can’t be found anywhere else in the world, who wouldn’t love a 4WD motorhome on the move? For those who love travelling in style, there are a few of the top reasons why motorhomes are so popular: the tradition of caravan travelling, often passed down through generations; the array of campsites and caravan parks located all around Australia; and the desire to get out and see what remote destinations have to offer. There’s also a wide range of road trip routes connecting our gorgeous locations, lush national parks and vibrant towns and cities, so it makes sense to hit the road for a truly Aussie adventure. Here at Explorer Motorhomes, we are the home of the best 4×4 campervans and 4WD motorhomes and we understand the need for a travel vehicle that is reliable, comfortable and inspiring.

The Tradition of Caravan Camping

The tradition of caravan travelling is often passed down through generations. If you are an Aussie who holidayed at beachfront caravan parks or remote bushland destinations in your family’s 4WD motorhome, then you will understand the bond this kind of holiday can create. Instilling a love of nature, the country, and wildlife into the kids and just getting away from it all is a popular Aussie pastime, and more families are choosing to holiday this way. Enjoy the feeling of freedom and look into purchasing or hiring your own Australian 4×4 camper today and instil the tradition in your family.

Huge Array of Australian Campsites

We are lucky in Australia because of the vast array of campsites and caravan parks that are located all around the country. From the bush and the desert to the beach, you can find somewhere to stay in your Australian 4×4 camper. Because of the tradition that Aussies have of camping during their summer holidays and due to our ever-changing and lush landscape, there are now plenty of campsites across the country. No matter where you want to holiday, you can get the best 4WD campervans, bunk up with your family or friends, and find a suitable spot to set up camp. There are so many options from free campsites to paid waterfront destinations so, no matter where you want to head off to next, you’ll find somewhere worth visiting.

The Desire to See What Remote Locations Have to Offer

The desire to get out and see what remote destinations have to offer is the main reason why Aussies love to travel in their 4WD campervans. Here in Australia, our landscape has so much to offer and there are so many holidays, tracks and adventure routes that you can explore, all of which just keep giving! No matter whether you’re a bush bunny, an ocean-kissed surfer or a passionate country bumpkin, you’ll find so many hidden gems along the way.

Take your 4×4 motorhome offroad and plan your next campervan journey now! Alternatively, contact your new best friends here at Explorer Motorhomes and check out the best 4×4 campervans on the Australian market.

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