Where Can You Travel with a New 4WD Motorhome?

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Where can you travel with your new 4×4 campervan or 4WD motorhome from Explorer Motorhomes? Based in Queensland, our Australian-built vehicles are made to go just about anywhere. One of the key advantages of the new 4WD motorhomes from Explorer Motorhomes is that they can be used all over Australia, no matter the weather conditions or the terrain. Enjoy the city and the country, because these vehicles are the perfect balance between both. With the best 4WD campervan in Australia, you can go from climbing mountains to navigating flooded plains. These motorhomes can navigate all Australian terrain and weather conditions, so that you feel safe, inspired and motivated to take your next adventure. Check out the Explorer 4WD motorhomes for sale here and explore our range of fully equipped 4WD motorhomes and campers.

Take Your Motorhome All Over Australia

If you’re browsing new and used 4×4 motorhomes for sale in Australia, we are here to help you to take the leap. With our superior Australian Campervan Factory, we build our homes to last. Using UV resistant layers and strong fibreglass, our 4×4 campervans are equipped to travel around the country in safety and style. There are thousands of kilometres of dirt roads, mountains, rugged terrains, corrugations and rough tracks out there, so we wouldn’t build a motorhome any other way.

Perfect for City and Country Driving

The differences between city and country driving are many. In the city, you will need to fit into narrow alleys, avoid parked cars on both sides of the street (and sometimes the middle), deal with heavy traffic and find ample parking. In the country, you need to navigate great speeds, wildlife, open roads, off-road dirt tracks and cold weather in the middle of nowhere. Luckily, vehicles from Explorer Motorhomes are a perfect balance. Our 4×4 campervans and 4WD motorhomes are much easier to park than a huge RV so, if you’re coming from the city, you don’t have to worry about ditching the motorhome and taking public transport the rest of the way. Our vehicles are also spacious and functional enough for cross-country adventures, so you don’t need to compromise either way! Check out the leading off road motorhomes in Australia and you will see what we mean.

Navigate Australian Weather Conditions

Off-road motorhomes in Australia need to be able to navigate Australian weather conditions. From rough winds to torrential rain, you don’t want your home full of leaks or unstable in a storm. We always prioritise the solo traveller’s safety and that’s why these motorhomes can navigate all Australian terrain and weather conditions, from climbing mountains to navigating slightly flooded plains. For the best 4WD campervans in Australia, trust the pros at Explorer Motorhomes.

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