Top Tips for Cooking in Your New Motorhome

interior of travel camping van or camper RV with stove and sink.

Looking for cooking on the road recipes, tips for cooking in your motorhome or the perfect recipes for caravan travellers? Explorer Motorhomes are here to help you, with some tips and tricks for keeping a perfect kitchen in your new campervan. For the best cooking experience in your new motorhome, follow these tips: always clean before and after to ensure a tidy, sanitary cooking surface, be strategic with your cooking space, keeping one area for prep and one for cooking, use an instant pot or kettle, turn on the exhaust fan and open a window, consider grilling or cooking outside if you want fresh air, wash dishes right away and put them away for effective storage and tidy space. There are so many benefits of an Explorer Motorhome kitchen, and the decent cooking space, extra tables, and quality kitchen appliances are just some of them!

1) Always Clean Before and After Cooking

To ensure a tidy, sanitary cooking surface, always clean before and after cooking. Some of the best meals to cook in a motorhome mean making a bit of a mess, but this is not a worry when you have a great cleaning routine. This not only keeps your space looking and feeling tidy and fresh, but it keeps bugs out of your kitchen and limits the chance of illness, mould or unwanted nasty smells.

2) Be Strategic with Your Space

Be strategic with your cooking space by keeping one area for preparation and one for cooking. Part of finding the best meals to cook in a motorhome is finding the routine in how to cook them, and dividing up your space into an efficient, well-oiled machine will only make everything more enjoyable!

3) Use an Instant Kettle

This may seem like an obvious one, but using an instant pot or kettle can be a game-changer. Find easy recipes for caravan travellers online or in cookbooks and see how instantly boiled water can save you time, effort and frustration.

4) Turn on the Exhaust Fan

Always turn on the exhaust fan and open a window, to keep your air filters fresh and to limit the smoke and smell of cooking. This is part of your cooking in a campervan safety and, here at Explorer Motorhomes, all of our campers have an exhaust.

5) Consider Cooking Outside

Grilling or cooking outside can be part of the experience! If you want fresh air or have found fun cooking on the road recipes (but don’t want to miss sunset), this is the perfect solution. Just move your camp stove outdoors or get creative and move the kitchen from indoors to the outdoors! Watch out for those pesky wombats!

6) Wash Dishes Right Away

Washing the dishes and putting them away immediately is key for effective storage. This will also help to maintain your cooking in a campervan safety, as there will be fewer cluttered areas and broken plates. This will also prevent you from having to keep the bugs off your campervan cooking equipment!

Discover our superior 4×4 campers, equipped with all the campervan cooking equipment you will need for the perfect cooking experience. One of the main benefits of Explorer Motorhome kitchens is the decent cooking space, the comfortable and spacious tables and the quality, compact appliances. Contact us today for a quote or to learn more.

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