Tips for First-Time Off-Roading in a Motorhome


If you’re looking for a list of great motorhome tips for beginners, we have you covered here at Explorer Motorhomes. Off-roading is super fun, exciting and fuels the adventurous spirit, although it’s always best to be prepared so that you know what you’re getting yourself into. Especially with Australia’s rugged conditions, some first time camping tips from the experts can really come in handy when travelling around Australia in a motorhome. For a fun and safe off-roading adventure, you should always go slow and steady, hold the wheel firmly but not too tight, leave space between other vehicles, take wide turns, use side windows and, of course, store your stuff safely. Explorer Motorhomes is based in Queensland, but we supply 4×4 motorhomes and campervans to anyone in Australia and our homes are perfect for these off-road trips. Contact us today for more motorhome tips and tricks!

Go Slow & Steady

Travelling around Australia in a motorhome or travelling around Australia in a caravan? One of the main motorhome tips for beginners is to always go slow and steady. This means that with your driving, your speed and the landscapes and terrains you take on, it’s best to take it one step at a time and build up to the solo off-roading wilderness.

Hold the Wheel Firmly

Another of our motorhome tips and tricks is to hold the wheel firmly, but not too tight. This applies any time you’re driving but most of all when you are off-roading. This affords you the maximum control over your vehicle, but also the freedom to let go and change positions quickly if needed.

Leave Space Between Other Vehicles

When travelling around Australia in a caravan, leaving space between other vehicles is imperative. Especially when city driving, your motorhome is likely to be a much larger vehicle than you are used to!

Take Wide Turns

To avoid having to back up, always take wide turns with your 4×4 campervan or motorhome. This will not only protect other drivers around you but save your vehicle from scratches and damage too.

Use Side Windows

Choose the best 4WD to travel around Australia in, with a luxury motorhome or camper from Explorer Motorhomes. All of our motorhomes have side windows and using these really helps you navigate in traffic and rugged conditions.

Store Your Stuff Safely

When it comes to first time camping tips, one of the most important is to always store your stuff safely! All our campers and 4WD motorhomes have great storage space so that you can safely store your belongings and valuables.

Explorer Motorhomes are perfect for these off-road trips. Feel free to contact us today for a quote on our best 4WD to travel around Australia in!

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