Perks of the 4WD Pathfinder Motorhome


The 4WD Pathfinder is the latest Explorer 4WD motorhome for sale from Explorer Motorhomes in Queensland. This new model is one of the best 4WD motorhomes with a toilet that is on the market and is now especially popular with single female travellers. Recent data shows that over 20% of travellers who travel Australia in a campervan or motorhome are now single and female, so the market is beginning to accommodate this demographic. The already successful 4WD Pathfinder boasts two comfortable sleeping options, beautiful panoramic views, generous cupboard and wardrobe storage, solar blackout screens (also available in other models), a 19″ TV/DVD on a swivel bracket, an Aussie Traveller awning and a security door. All of these features and more make the Pathfinder a safe and comfortable way to travel around Australia in style, no matter who you are! When looking for 4×4 motorhomes for sale in QLD, look no further than Explorer Motorhomes.

Two Comfortable Sleeping Options

With the new Australian-made, Queensland-built campervan from Explorer Motorhomes, you can choose from two different comfortable sleeping options. There is a single bed option, which allows the solo traveller more storage space, and the double bed option, suitable for a solo traveller wanting more comfort, a solo traveller with a pet or a couple.

Beautiful Panoramic Views

The Pathfinder offers incredible panoramic views, allowing the traveller within to appreciate the full scope of the Australian scenery that surrounds them. Wake up to a stunning sunrise and enjoy your morning scenery right from your couch!

Generous Storage Space

With a hanging cupboard, overhead shelves, overhead cupboards and ample bench space, the Pathfinder is renowned for its generous storage. Many travellers struggle with storage space when making the lifestyle switch to a camper, but here, the Pathfinder is everything you’ve been looking for.

Solar Blockout Screens

Out of the Explorer 4WD motorhomes for sale, the Pathfinder is one of the only ones with solar blockout screens. This means that you can stay up late stargazing and sleeping in the next morning, avoiding the harsh light of an early summer sunrise.

19” TV and DVD Unit

Popular searches amongst travellers are for 4WD motorhomes with a toilet and campervans with a TV unit. The Pathfinder has both, with a 19” TV/DVD Unit in-built into the lounging space.

Aussie Traveller Awning

Aussie Traveller is the only Australian company that manufactures caravan awnings for caravans, campervans and motorhomes. All makes and models from Explorer Motorhomes are Australian made!

Security Door

Many of the available features of the Pathfinder are built to increase security and the wellbeing of the solo traveller. For this reason, the Pathfinder has a security door.

Find the best 4WD campervan with Explorer Motorhomes and shop for the Pathfinder, an explorer 4×4 motorhome for sale in QLD today. Contact us now for a free quote on your next adventure!

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