Leyland’s Australia Adventure

This iconic Australian pair, so famous for their journeys around Australia, now endorses Explorer Motorhomes.

Mal and Laraine Leyland have set off on a six week trip in total comfort in the luxuriously fitted out two berth motorhome that has taken the grey nomad market by storm. Manufactured in Queensland this relative newcomer to the market has caught the eye of the Leylands for the quality of the vehicle and the superb layout, finish and the one piece fibreglass mould, that provides such a comfortable yet practical living space whilst on the road.

John and David, owners and builders of the unique Explorer Motorhome, are thrilled to have teamed with Mal and Laraine, who know all the spots to visit in this great country. They will be creating a DVD of their 6 week trip inland and up to the Gulf. Travelling over dusty rough roads plus crossing the Jardine river and more . The DVD will be available, free, to those considering buying their first 4WD Motorhome, or changing from their existing RV.


Images from Mal & Laraine's adventures