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Lighting Plumbing Electrical
  • Disc3-BG
    The Explorer Discovery 6 Wheeler 4WD
  • Disc4-BG
    The Explorer Discovery 6 Wheeler 4WD
  • Disc2-BG
    The Explorer Discovery 6 Wheeler 4WD
  • Disc1-BG
    The Explorer Discovery 6 Wheeler 4WD
  • 20170215_150133_resized
    Multidrive Technology
  • 20170215_145542_resized
    Multidrive Technology
  • 20170215_145059_resized
    Multidrive Technology
  • 20170215_144741_resized
    Multidrive Technology
  • CMCA-Rally2017-web
    Explorer Motorhomes display at the 2017 CMCA Annual Rally in Bundaberg, Queensland
  • explorer_discovery-1-web
    Solar block out & screens.
  • explorer_discovery-4-web
    Access to driving cab from cabin.
  • explorer_discovery-8-web
    A larger than normal shower.
  • explorer_discovery-5-web
    Comes with a very generous ensuite.
  • explorer_discovery-2-web
    At 7 meters long, this is a motorhome for long range traveling in comfort.
  • explorer_discovery-10-web
    Separate 200 Litre fridge freezer and ample storage space.
  • explorer_discovery-12-web
    A comfortable café dinette.
  • explorer_discovery-11-web
    A motorhome for long range traveling in comfort.
  • LPE5
    Full rear ensuite
  • LPE4
    4 way lights
  • LPE3
    Heating controls
  • LPE1
    Gas bottle housing
  • Factory
    Our Factory
  • Discovery-FP-SBs-1
    Explorer Motorhome Discovery Floor Plan - Single Beds
  • Discovery-FP-DB-1
    Explorer Motorhome Discovery Floor Plan - Double Bed
  • Wooderson-profilepic
    Canning Stock route, Reg and Jan
  • 46
    CMCA Rally Nelson Bay
  • 45
  • 44
    Desert Road
  • 43
    Welford Camp
  • 41
    Tombstone Territory, GULF
  • 40
    Peter and Julie used 4WD for 450kms on Epsilon Station near Camerons Corner
  • 39
    Boggy road on Epsilon Station near Camerons Corner
  • 37
    Tully Nth Qld
  • 36
    Cane fields near Tully Nth Qld
  • 35
    Leyland's Trip
  • 32
    The Leylands out and about at Palm Cove
  • 30
    Outback trail
  • 29
    Warwick and Vicki out and about
  • 27
    Mal and Laraine Leyland in action
  • 26
    On the Donahue / Plenty Highway
  • 25
    Vicki Simpson points to the Burketown sign.
  • 24
    Burketown. Busy place!! Mal and Laraine see Warwick and Vicki "In the great outdoors".
  • 23
    Mal and Laraine relax at the Gregory River. Beautiful spot.
  • 22
    80 people enjoyed the Explorer Motorhome party at Buderim Qld
  • 21
    Leyland's Australia. Going away party, Buderim Qld
  • 20
    Dr Michael Muller & wife Bettina
  • 19
    Marg and Chris.
  • 18
    Happy Explorer Motorhome owners
  • 17
    Annual Get Together at Jondaryan Woolshed
  • 16
    Annual Get Together at Jondaryan Woolshed
  • 15
    Annual Get Together at Jondaryan Woolshed
  • 14
    Bungle Bungle Station, Gibb River Rd WA
  • 13
    Beautiful Grafton
  • P1040790
    At the Painted Desert
  • 11
    On the Old Strzeleki Track
  • 10
    A bit too close at the Painted Desert
  • 9
    Hells Gate Roadhouse in the Gulf
  • 8
    Beautiful spot on the Gregory River
  • 7
    Critters Camp near Normanton
  • 6
    Charters Towers
  • 5
    Mountain near Tennant Creek
  • 4
    The road in to the Bungle Bungles
  • 3
    The Domes (Bungle Bungles)
  • 2
    Piccaninny Creek (Bungle Bungles)
  • 1
    Echidna Chasm (Bungle Bungles)
  • explorer_spirit-7
    Spirit Interior
  • River-Breakfast-2
    Breakfast by the river
  • River-Breakfast-3
    So convenient!
  • River-Breakfast
    Your outdoor kitchen!
  • explorer_spirit-10
    Pull out barbeque
  • explorer_spirit-9
    Full rear ensuite (shower)
  • explorer_spirit-8
    Full rear ensuite
  • Factory1
    Explorer Factory
  • Factory2
    Explorer Factory
  • Factory3
    Explorer Factory
  • NewFitting
    Electric control panel in a convenient cupboard next to the door
  • DSC07565
    Clear View electric extending mirrors
  • DSC06702
    photo shows latest Toyota Hilux SR 4WD Diesel Auto, finished in Gold and Alloy wheels and wide tyres. ( Optional extras)
  • IMG_3632_2
    Aussie Traveller H/Duty awning is standard
  • DSC07580
    3x100 watt of solar great for free camping
  • DSC07579
    Reversing mirror with two cameras
  • DSC07577
    All Fibreglass one piece mould. Stronger, Lighter, NO Seams to leak. 5 Years Structural Warranty.
  • DSC07551
    Security screen door and outside folding table
  • DSC07548
    Ford Ranger with ECB Alloy Bull Bar
  • DSC07546
    H/Duty Aussie Traveller awning and electric step both STANDARD
  • DSC06759
    H/Duty Aerial for the UHF Radio fitted to the upmarket ECB Alloy Bull Bar.
  • DSC06757
    Electric step standard. Full length security screen split door standard
  • DSC06744
    Good sized shower enclosure with towel rain and drying rack
  • DSC06698
    Outside shower and Tow Bar
  • DSC06692
    Outside fold out table with 240 volt power point
  • DSC06351
    Explorer Vision XL
  • DSC06688
    Room for 2 KVA Honda generator
  • Spirit-Floor-Plan-1000-2
    Explorer Motorhome Spirit Floor Plan
  • explorer_spirit-1-beach
    Spirit Interior
  • explorer_spirit-3-beach
    Spirit Interior
  • explorer_spirit-2
    Spirit Interior
  • explorer_spirit-6
    Slide out double bed (north / south) with easy access
  • DSC09886
    Explorer Factory
  • DSCF2833
    Lovell Springs upgraded chassis
  • DSCF2844
    Chassis waiting for body
  • DSCF2852
    Explorer Factory
  • Vision-FloorPlan-new
    Explorer Motorhome Vision Floor Plan
  • Vision-int-1
    FIVE year structural warranty
  • Vision-int-2
    One piece fibreglass body - NO LEAKS!
  • Vision-int-3
    Full rear ensuite
  • Vision-int-4
    Two single beds pull out to 2 metres

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