• 4WD, Diesel, Automatic

  • one piece fibreglass body

  • stronger, no seams to leak

  • full rear ensuite

  • built to your specifications

  • 5 year structural warranty

Are you ready to embark on some great adventures? A Ford Ranger 4X4 motorhome is a top motorhome choice for those looking to embark on some wide adventure travelling.

It doesn’t matter whether you plan on driving around the streets of the Wider Melbourne area, hitting the National Highway or going off grid to explore the great outback, a quality Ford Ranger camper can take you there.

It’s time to stop dreaming about the great adventures you would like to have and make things happen. With a Ford Ranger campervan at your disposal, you’ll be ready to create some amazing memories.
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Ford Ranger 4×4 Camper Vans & Motorhomes

The 4 wheel drive Ford Ranger motorhomes are built to handle off road driving just as well as driving through city streets and suburban areas.

Both the Ford Ranger 4WD and the 2WD model offer a 6 speed auto transmission, upgraded suspension both front and rear, 80 litre fuel capacity (choose between a 2.2 litre (2WD or 4WD) or 3.2 litre engine capacity (4WD)) and a powerful turbo diesel engine to ensure ease of travel.

Ford Ranger Motorhomes

Despite offering an incredible presence and power, Ford Ranger motorhomes fit in normal sized car spaces.

Custom built by the team at Explorer Motorhomes, each Ford Ranger 4X4 motorhome is designed to your specific requirements.

Our Ford Ranger 4X4 campers typically come with two cloth bucket seats with driver seat adjustments to ensure total comfort, however even these seats can be customised to your needs.

Ford Ranger 4X4 Motorhomes

Offering a full rear ensuite with separate shower, vanity and toilet and a choice of a queen bed or two single beds, you can park up at any campsite and enjoy a luxurious overnight stay.

To add to your luxury, each motorhome offers easy access to the beds (no need for a ladder!), solar block out and screens, superb leatherette upholstery, split security screen doors, generous wardrobe and storage space, a spacious lounge and 19” inch TV.

A Ford Ranger 4X4 motorhome really is the complete home away from home.

Ranger 4×4 Campers

For your piece of mind, each Ford Ranger 4×4 camper comes with a five year structural warranty and a one piece fully moulded fiberglass body for a stronger, lighter motorhome with no leaks and great insulation.

Ford Ranger campervans simply cannot be beaten when it comes to comfort, durability, power and ease of travel.

At Explorer Motorhomes, we understand that a motor home is a significant investment.

Our dedicated team of expert craftspeople will ensure to work with you to discuss your options, assess your needs and provide the best advice to ensure you make the right choice in choosing a camper to meet your requirements.

Your greatest adventures await! Talk to the team at Explorer Motorhomes to learn how we can custom build your dream motorhome.

If you are interested in 4WD Camper Van contact Explorer Motorhomes today!
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