8 Remote Aussie Beaches You Need to See

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When it comes to beaches and coastlines, nowhere is richer than Australia. Find the most remote beach in Australia, your new favourite secluded beach in QLD and quiet beaches near Brisbane with Explorer Motorhomes’ list of eight gorgeous Australian beaches. Go off-the-beaten-track and travel to a secluded beach with your new 4×4 motorhome. Visit Frangipani Beach in Queensland, Mungo Beach in New South Wales, Maitland Bay Beach in New South Wales, Golden Beach in Victoria, Rapid Bay in South Australia, Point Sir Isaac in South Australia, Cape Leveque in Western Australia and Silica Beach in Western Australia. Hop in your 4WD campervan and discover the best of hidden beaches in Australia.

1) Frangipani Beach, QLD

Australia’s most northerly beach is Frangipani Beach in northern Queensland. This vast and gorgeous beachy landscape lies on the western side of Cape York immediately below the tip of the country.

2) Mungo Beach, NSW

Looking for quiet beaches near Brisbane? Mungo Beach in NSW is a gorgeous beach near Myall Lakes National Park that allows drivers and campervans to drive on the beach. At 17km long, this beach is also the third-longest beach in the state.

3) Maitland Bay Beach, NSW

Skip the tourists of Bondi and hightail it to the central coast of NSW where Maitland Bay sits. Tucked behind a lush eucalypt forest and found south of Gosford, you’ll find a stunning 600 metres of a golden ribbon of sand. It is a kilometre trek to get here, but all travellers who brave the uphill return say that it is definitely worth it.

4) Golden Beach, VIC

When looking for secluded beaches in Victoria, why not head to Gippsland and explore the 90-mile beach more popularly known as Golden Beach. This beautiful Victorian beach offers long-distance walking, fishing, golfing and even sports many a kangaroo.

5) Rapid Bay, SA

Between the cliff tops, there is a swirl of secluded beach, known as Rapid Bay in South Australia. Picture a sand pancake, flattened between the surrounding cliffs and the ocean, where dragons can be found. Well, sea dragons that is.

6) Point Sir Isaac, SA

The pinnacle of secluded and private beaches in SA is Point Sir Isaac. If you can pull off a 3-hour 4WD road trip, then you’ll be almost guaranteed to have the whole beach to yourself. Perfect for campervans and motorhomes!

7) Cape Leveque, WA

Cape Leveque is at the northernmost tip of the Dampier Peninsula in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Surrounded by red rock delights and soft sand, this beach is a must with a 4WD camper in WA.

8) Silica Beach, WA

Ending the list is the stunning landscape of Silica Beach in WA. Composed of pure white silica sand, this beach looks like an island paradise. Aptly named hidden beach, the water is unusually warm and the beach is an unusual 150 metres long.

Find the most remote beach in Australia with your new 4×4 campervan from Explorer Motorhomes. Check out our range of homes on wheels now or contact us for a free quote.

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