7 Things to Love About Vision 4WD Campervans


The Vision 4WD motorhome by Explorer Motorhomes in Queensland is one of the best 4×4 motorhomes on the Australian market today. It is our original model and we are proud to say that is still going strong! We are here to tell you 7 of its best features and how each amenity makes travelling off-road (and on-road) smoother and more comfortable. The Vision 4WD Motorhome has an insulated fibreglass body that stays comfortable all year long, an insect screen and a mesh security door, a spacious lounge with moveable dining tables, a pair of pull-out single beds with a full rear ensuite, easy access to the driver’s cab and thankfully, ample storage with overhead cupboards and hanging locker baskets. With all of these perks and more, there’s never been a better time to invest in your next adventure.

1) Insulated Fibreglass Body

The Vision 4WD has an insulates fibreglass body that stays comfortable all year long. All our 4WD campervans and 4WD motorhomes are Australian made and Queensland-constructed and we use the highest qualioty materials so that you can be safe, comfortable and happy.

2) Insect Screen and Security Door

For your comfort and safety, the Vision 4WD Motorhome features an insect door and a mesh security door. Keep out the bugs AND the unwanted guests with all the latest safety features of Explorer Motorhomes’ 4WD motorhomes.

3) Spacious Lounge

When it comes to investing in a 4×4 Australian camper, you want one with a moveable dining table. The Vision 4WD has this and a spacious lounge, so you can completely optimise your space to fit how you need it anytime of the day!

4) Pull-Out Single Beds

With 4×4 motorhomes, you want a sleeping situation that suits you. Whether you’re a solo traveller or a 2-person team, the Vision 4WD is perfect because it comes with a pair of pull-out single beds.

5) Full Rear Ensuite

The full rear ensuite features a separate toilet and shower, so you can live in comfort. Whether you’re a solo traveller or a 2-person duo, the separate toilet and shower offer privacy and convenience.

6) Easy Access to Driver’s Cab

The driver’s cab or the driver’s cabin is the area where the driver sits in a truck, a 4WD motorhome or a 4×4 camper. The Vision 4WD has easy access to this area, for ultimate convenience and socialisation.

7) Ample Storage

The main thing most people are looking for when shopping around for the perfect Australian campervan is ample storage space. The Vision 4WD boasts overhead cupboards and hanging locker baskets, so you don’t have to worry about finding spots for all your things or keeping them safe!

Check out our full range of Australian 4×4 campers here or contact Explorer Motorhomes today for a quote.

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