• 4WD, Diesel, Automatic

  • one piece fibreglass body

  • stronger, no seams to leak

  • full rear ensuite

  • built to your specifications

  • 5 year structural warranty

Buy a New 6x6 Motorhome, Australias Luxury High End 6 Wheeler Motorhomes

For your journeys of a lifetime an Explorer Motorhome is the vehicle of choice. 4WD, strong, built from a one piece fibreglass body so no leaks, these motorhomes will take you off road with ease, visiting out of the way places that other motorhome owners can only dream about.

Built in our factory in Queensland, our models Vision and Spirit will fit into a normal car park space, making them a versatile choice, easy to drive and manoeuvre with the capability of going down those outback tracks. The build is of the highest quality with a five-year structural warranty for your peace of mind.

The Discovery is the first 6 wheeler 4WD in Australia with a one piece fibreglass body. With an option for 6WD, an extended body, and long range capabilities, the Discovery is the choice for the ultimate adventure.

Australia’s first 6x6 Custom Motorhomes

Explorer Motorhomes have a truly ground-breaking addition to our motorhome range, the  

6 Wheel Drive Discovery.  Australia’s first ever full 6WD luxury motorhome with a one-piece fibre glass body is now available, enabling you to discover those harder to reach places in more luxury than ever before. The new Discovery is 7mt in length providing more space and comfort. 

True to Explorer Motorhomes standards of options and innovation we also give you the choice of 6WD, meaning there is no place you can’t reach for a lifetime of off road adventures. 6WD control mean an easier drive so you have the all the benefits of a true luxury motorhome with amazing off road and climbing ability . Add to that a full range of customisation options and you have a motorhome not just for today, but for the tomorrow.


The new ground breaking Discovery Motorhome!


The new ground breaking Discovery Motorhome!

our range

Slide Glow Glow Glow FIRST in Australia! Discovery-logo-4 Discovery-slide-3 6 Wheeler, 4WD also available in 6WD! see more Vision-log2 4WD Vision-slide see more Spirit-logo-2 4WD Spirit see more Aus-Made

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