5 Reasons to Buy a Motorhome In 2022

Explorer Motorhomes van parked on a beach

If you’re thinking about buying a motorhome in 2022, there are a few key reasons this may be the best decision of your life. It’s an affordable investment that you can use an unlimited amount into the future, it may bring your family or friends closer together, you will see new parts of Australia and explore remote destinations you have never seen before, you can enjoy staying in your own accommodation and you will have the flexibility to travel whenever and wherever you want. Shop the best compact motorhome or the best 6m motorhome in Queensland today, with industry leaders Explorer Motorhomes.

1) It’s an Affordable Investment

Will motorhome prices go down in 2022? At the end of the day, a motorhome or a campervan is an affordable investment. You can not only use this vehicle an unlimited number of times into the future, but your friends and family can use it too! Here at Explorer Motorhomes, we try to make our motorhomes the best 6m motorhomes on the market, with attractive inclusions and affordable prices.

2) Brings Your Family Closer

Bring your family and friends closer together through cross-country travel with the best compact motorhome on the market. Motorhome and campervan travel is one of the best traditions an Aussie can undertake because it equals freedom, appreciation of the ever-changing landscape and access to rare Australian wildlife that will inspire and excite you or the kids for years to come!

3) See Australia

If you’re wondering about the pros and cons of a campervan vs motorhome in Australia, the main thing to consider is that you’re on the right path. With a motorhome or a campervan from Explorer Motorhomes, you can see new parts of Australia and explore our rare and remote destinations, all from the comfort of your own (movable) home!

4) Make it Your Own

Enjoy staying in your own accommodation and travelling in your own vehicle (rather than someone else’s) and make your new camper your own. With Explorer Motorhomes, you can customise inclusions, shop different options and find the right home for you. Decorate it, add personal comforts and really make this movable home your own to enjoy from anywhere in the country.

The Flexibility & Freedom

When it comes to a campervan vs motorhome, both give you the flexibility to travel whenever and wherever you want, without worrying about flights, hotels, accommodation and availabilities. Just book in a campsite or rock up to the beachfront and enjoy your newfound freedom.

If you’re googling things like ‘will motorhome prices go down in 2022?’ or ‘What are the perks of a motorhome?’ Feel free to contact the experts at Explorer Motorhomes today. We will even provide you with a free quote to help get you started on your next adventure.

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