4 Amazing Australian Landscapes For Your Bucket List

Great Ocean Road Victoria Australia Island Arch

There is so much to appreciate about the iconic landscapes in Australia and with a new 4WD motorhome from Explorer Motorhomes, you can really see it all. Add to your 2021 bucket list for Australia and discover our ever-changing landscapes. Explore the luscious rainforest, rocky remote regions, stunning coastlines and red-rock wilderness. Go where no human has been before and do it your way, in a moveable home on the road. If you’re looking for 40 before 40 bucket list ideas, these are sure-fire additions for everyone with a desire to explore this magnificent country. Look forward to all of these landscapes and more, with your new adventure buddy: the Australian 4×4 camper from Explorer Motorhomes in Queensland.


Looking for fun and crazy things to do in Australia? Explore your own country and feel the gratitude that swells within you when you’re facing one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. With your Australian 4×4 camper, you can visit many of the hidden rainforests and luxury oases within this country. One of the most beautiful is Daintree Rainforest in Queensland. Discover wonderfully wet tropics with lush greenery and wildlife and make a home amongst the endangered animals and rare plant species. Daintree Rainforest is one of the oldest continually surviving rainforests in the country, covering 1,200 square kilometres just outside Cairns.

Remarkable Rocks

A must for any summer bucket list in Australia is the discovery of all our remarkable rock formations. In your new 4WD campervan, visit the stunning Remarkable Rocks in Flinders Chase National Park in Kangaroo Island or the 12 Apostles in Victoria. If you’re looking for an Australia bucket list challenge, visiting all of our natural rocky wonders should be at the top of your list!

Coastline & Beaches

When it comes to bucket list ideas in Queensland, coastlines and beaches are the first to be ticked off. Australia is the home to many beautiful beaches and coastlines that you just can’t find anywhere else in the world and, surprisingly, Western Australia is also the home of a stunning beach: Esperance in WA. The town’s beaches include the calm Blue Haven and popular West Beach with its much-visited surf breaks. Nearby, Cape Le Grand National Park has beaches like Lucky Bay, plus heathlands and wildflowers. Offshore, the Recherche Archipelago islands shelter fur seals and sea lions while on Middle Island, Lake Hillier is a striking shade of pink. Home to some of the most iconic landscapes in Australia, WA is a must!

Remote Red-Rock Wilderness

To close your 2021 bucket list for Australia, or to build on the 40 before 40 bucket list ideas you may have going with your bestie or partner in crime, wilderness in the outback is a worthy addition. Discover the remote red-rock marvels like Uluru and The Olgas. Park your 4×4 motorhome on the red earth and truly feel the uniqueness of this country, right from your motorhome bed! This is definitely one of the best crazy things to do in Australia and you can’t possibly finish an Australian bucket list without heading to the Northern Territory.

Contact us for a quote today and embark on your Australian bucket list challenge. Find the best 4WD campervans or motorhomes with the leaders in the industry, Explorer Motorhomes.

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