Meet The Explorer Motorhomes Team


John-Burke-Feb2017.jpgJohn Burke - CEO Explorer Motorhomes

CEO John Burke started Explorer motorhomes in 2010 having previously spent 26 years as a marine dealer in Bundaberg Queensland. After selling his marine business in 2006 he was able to spend more time travelling around Australia, and quickly realised there was an opportunity for a 4WD motor home that was of high quality and easy to use. In the marine industry John was in close association with David Ridings, who built Raider ski boats and Seaquest Cruisers. His experience of fibreglass moulding was essential to the creation of Explorer motorhomes which have a unique feature of being one fibreglass mould, stronger, lighter, no seams to leak, and the best insulation on the RV market, plus the front is aerodynamically designed to offer improved fuel economy.


photo_11.JPGDavid Ridings - Production Director

Production Director David Ridings is kept very busy in the factory he owns at Clontarf Redcliffe QLD handling the orders for the growing number of discerning travellers wanting a robust vehicle with the opportunity to customise to their needs.

 David's 30 years  designing and building the  popular  Raider fibreglass Inboard ski boats and then designing from scratch and  building the successfull range of SeaQuest Cruisers, 28ft to 36ft is now seen in the quality of this unique fibreglass one piece moulded Motorhome.    You only have to speak to one of our 100+ Explorer Motorhome owners to feel confident David will deliver a superb Motorhome with a 5 year structural warranty available any where in Australia.


Together they created the latest Explorer Vision Motorhome which has been very well accepted by the grey nomads across Australia and now endorsed by Mal and Laraine Leyland.